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New Heart Corporation is established in Taoyuan Taiwan since July 1998. We specialize in prototype and small production of single and multi-layer Print Circuit board. High Quality of our service is an essential factor in attracting and retaining our customers. Besides, we make effort to meet or exceed the specifications and on time delivery at a competitive cost.

The quality policy of New Heart is creation, improvement, on time delivery, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction. All the people of New Heart are monitoring all the parts that we are building in order to ensure the highest quality. We have been certified by international institutions, including ISO-9001 and UL certification.

Our main customers in Taiwan including Viatech, Foxconn, Media Tek, ASE, etc. We plan to expand our business in Taiwan and overseas market. Hew Heart will continue to develop new technology, enhance competitiveness, fully customer satisfaction and demands in the future.

Established date:  July, 1998
Maximum production capacity:  50,000 sq. meter per month.
Company Policy: Running at best effort, lnnovative, On-time Delivery,Customer
@ satisfaction, Reasonable Pricing, Quality guarantee.

New Heart has a solid foundation that is grouping many multi-year experienced experts in the PCB field. Our facility equips high tech equipment with excellent quality and state-of-the-art technologies.

New heart is your perfect fit in the supplying chain for various types of high tech products.
New heart provides excellent quality and technologies to all customers by "near-zero" delays, high efficiency, friendly service attitude, ideal prices, on-time deliveries, and precise quality management.
New Heart is always the best and the most reliable business partner by your side.