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Oct 2019   Attained IATF 16949:2016 Certificate

May 2019  To install 2 Spindle drilling machine

Apr 2019  To install Fischerscope X-ray Xulm-240

Oct 2018   Attained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Mar 2018  To implement automatic Ucamco software

Jan 2018  To install Hot melt machine

Jul 2017   To install Automated Visual Inspect

Feb 2017  To install Automated Optical Inspection.

Feb 2016  To install Laser photogenerator laser photoplotter

Dec 2015  To install Auto Exposure CCD Machine.

May 2015  To install automatic ink jet printer

Jan 2015   To implement automatic Pre-CAM,Ezcam,Ezplan                    software

Nov 2014  To install high-speed flying probe tester A8

May 2013  To install two high-speed spindle X-ray compensated                   drilling Machine.

Sep 2012  To install semi-auto Collimated UV Exposure Machine.

Jun 2011  To install PCB Rounting Machine.

May 2011  To implement to the ERP System

Aug 2010  To install Vacuum Plugging Machine.

Aug 2010  Expansion of Engineering Department at Huanbei                   Road Zhongli City of Taoyuan County

Sep 2009  Attained ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

Jul 2009   Succeed in developments of high-end processes                   including HDI,semi-hole,via in pad,etc.

May 2009  Plant moved to the present address,NO.11,Minzhu                   Road,Dayuan industrial Park in Dayuan Township of                   taoyuan County.

Sep 2008  Enhancement of QA System and installations of                   Flying Probe Tester,optical inspection                   instrument,3D Measurement machine,etc.

Jan 2008  To implement of on-line electronic ratification                   system(Core Press).

Jun 2007  Attained UL Certificate

Mar 2007  Attained ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

Sep 2005  Successful development of 36-layer PCB

Feb 2005  To implement TDR-2004 testing software.

Apr 2004  To implement automatic IGI ParCAM software

Apr 2003  Successful development of aspect ratio production                   technology

Aug 2002  Successful development of Blind Buried Hole                   Technology

May 2001  Moved plant to Sec.1 of Nanshan Road, Luzhu                   Township of Taoyuan County for expanding                   productivity.

Jul 1998    Establishment of company at Nanshang Road, Luzhu                   Township of Taoyuan County